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The truth is that Adobe’s move to cloud-based distribution does effectively crack down on some piracy, but not from a technological perspective, rather, an economic one.(The proverbial carrot instead of the proverbial stick.) With today’s desktop-based suite, you need to spend 0 to use the standard full version of Photoshop.I finally called Adobe sales to talk to a real adobe person and they simply say I have to upgrade to CC because they no longer support CS6. C) I will never be going to the CC version, especially when CS6 works perfectly fine for me... loyal customer for 3 decades)– I live/work rural and can only access a satellite connection: Capped Data Here! I don't want an adobe rep to advise me how they can use a payment plan, or how all i need to do are Dismiss the alerts.I told them I don't want product support, I want them to stop falsely accusing me of pirating, and I want these alerts off my system. I use In Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat Pro, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and a few other programs from Adobe. – I will not put client work in at risk in a cloud where it can be hacked. I've had to dismiss it 3 times already just writing this. If not:2) Why is Adobe FALSELY ACCUSING ME OF PIRATING their software. We all get irate when asked to shoot a friend’s wedding for next to nothing.Taking pictures of a new band for their next gig is seen as doing you a favor.

However, when there is a big update (such as CC 2015) the actual structure of the application may change.Hi, I started getting alerts every 15 seconds yesterday at work about my adobe software not being genuine. A) I've been purchasing adobe software for 28 years now. I'm a sole proprietor and have literally spent upwards of ,000 from my own pocket on Adobe software and to be harassed by Adobe alerts like this is ridiculous. B) I've spent hours online searching for a resolution... I've called Adobe a dozen times but cannot get to a real person without paying money for a support contract. Ever update was manually performed through Adobe's site—by me.Apparently, so many people complained about this that Adobe is changing how this update will be handled.When you have the opportunity to grab the new updates you will be given a choice to either download or update.

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