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TORONTO – If you’re like most people, you probably don’t give your furnace much thought as long as it’s keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.But in order to keep it working to its optimal performance — and help prevent a possible malfunction — you need to either change or clean your furnace filter on a regular basis.This latter duct is the one that holds the filter air box. On most furnaces the filter will be directly adjacent to the furnace.The filter box may be covered by a small and wide hinged door, or the filter itself will be visible inside a notch that it slides into. Look on the new filter for airflow arrows that are imprinted along the sides of the filter.

Below we compare and summarize the pluses and minuses of our best in class furnace filters, but do not miss our product pages for more details and candid analysis, so that you can choose the best furnace filter for you.The arrow needs to face the furnace side of the compartment when you slide it in.This is important to ensure your filter is working properly.A high grade furnace filter will stop air pollutants and dust dead in their tracks from even entering your home, and indoor allergens from recirculation.Our furnace filters are about 6 times more effective than disposable furnace filters available at your hardware store.

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Just selecting the correct filter is not enough to guarantee safe air.

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