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Six of these models are based on a creation as described in Genesis and a short age of life on earth.Differences between the models are specified, especially those that are subject to experimental testing.Such features include (1) differences between ring years and radiocarbon years in trees that should be immediately postdiluvian by creationist theories, (2) the accuracy, or lack thereof, of the dendrochronological radiocarbon calibration curve in the historical era, and (3) the possible existence of carbon-14 in antediluvian fossil material.Suggestions are offered for experimental projects that would resolve these uncertainties.Kelly is seemingly feeling like he’s running out of time. Should he be concerned with finding love before his 50th birthday?

This is Money has the best interactive calculators around.That's because it's been rumored that Manziel just nabbed yet another sexy lady, this time wrangling in model Bre Tiesi, whose one of the models on Nick Cannon’s TV Show on MTV.Naturally, we only thought it be right to show-off what makes Bre so special—so we're relying on her sexy Instagram pics to do just that.It's been a tough few years for former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, who saw his football career go from overyhyped to completely extinguished due to poor play on the field and dumb choices off of it.While the man known as "Johnny Football" might not be in the league anymore—he's currently taking classes at Texas A&M—he hasn't lost his skills when it comes to dating.

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  1. Beal, Louisiana Appellate Project, Jonesboro, for Appellant. Computer-aided Solicitation of a Minor On February 19, 2007, a detective with the Webster Parish Sheriff's Office was working with the attorney general's task force under the screen name “Lil Bossier Hottie.” The officer told defendant that he was a 14-year-old female high school student from Bossier. Louisiana's attempt statute rejects factual impossibility as a defense, stating “it shall be immaterial whether, under the circumstances, he would have actually accomplished his purpose.” La. Defendant entered a chat room with the agent, soliciting sex from the mother and the nine-year-old daughter.