Rihanna and trey songz dating

While Kendall has moved into adulthood (legally, anyway) as she is now 18, Kylie is only 16 years old and running with a very adult group of thuggish rappers and their hangers-on.

The new couple also rocked similar outfits during their outing, which Trey posted of the two on Instagram with the caption: "She so fine…" The two have reportedly been friends for a while before jumping in the sack. referred to her as his "ex-girlfriend" in an article, noting that even though they were done as a couple, he still asked her to be in his "Already Taken" music video. In June, Songz was photographed getting cozy with another gal (said to be model Sophia Marie), making out in an NYC club.So we'll take that to mean that he and Gedlu are not, for the moment, an item. Who wouldn't want to be dating him after seeing this awesome video for "I Invented Sex"?Born Aubrey Drake Graham he is a former Degrassi TV actor who became a rap phenomenon after his album Thank Me Later went platinum in 2010.His third studio album Nothing Was The Same was the seventh best selling album of 2013 in the US.

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