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Approaching women can lead to unforgettable encounters. The heat, the jealous boyfriends, the goats that piss on your shoes…all these things can kill the fun. No, you want beautiful Nairobi women who are attracted to your brain, your experience, and your terrible sense of style that only white guys have.

The last time I logged into my account, I saw more than 1000 women from Nairobi under the age of 30. As you’ll discover in my Kenyan Cupid review, they are god-fearing women with traditional family values who work in pharmacies and big companies. Try to control yourself and do not (under no circumstance) take her to the Carnivore restaurant or any other ridiculously expensive restaurant where the lobster ate caviar before it had to die. She won’t think that you’re her sponsor, just because you pay for the ride. Believe it or not but it costs less than for one hour.

Yet, you are afraid to say anything because it feels like anytime you bring something up it results in the same conversation that goes around and around in circles.

It feels like your relationship changed in the blink of an eye, but most often it takes weeks, months, and years for problems to build up between you and your partner.

They wear next to nothing and some of them are willing to drop the little clothes they wear for a random guy. Don’t waste your time with a party girl who only looks good with 5 layers of makeup when you can have a woman like her... They believe that Western men are more romantic, more loyal, and more caring than the local men. The way you look, the way you dress and the way you speak is not comparable. Do this and Nairobi girls will smile at you as if you were the male version of the White Masai.​Dating Nairobi girls is serious business. There are so many traditional girls in this city who are looking for love and who’ve never worked as prostitutes. But you also need to know how to get them and how to keep them.

Oh, and they can’t find a man with the same education because they are far more educated than the Kenyan men. It’s hard to imagine I mean, walking around Nairobi can be fun. I’m sure that you can get more girls when you throw around with money, but I doubt that these are the girls you want.

Your typical Nairobi girl is sick and tired of the local men.

Now, you are two ships crossing in the night, exchanging words to update one another on the “business of the day”. You sit on separate sides of the room, engaging only enough to avoid a fight, but secretly you long for your partner to reach out to you, touch you, and fulfill your needs, wants and desires.

You want to stick it out, but you feel foolish, ashamed, and embarrassed.

You have lost sight of yourself and at times, feel crazed.

Maybe your partner betrayed you and you are distraught, hurt, angry, or even enraged.

In one moment you want to work it out and in the next you want to leave.

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