Open office charts not updating

Also, I think it is good practice to keep the original data in unmodified form in their own sheet and the analysis and graphs in a new one.

To improve this a little, let's put an [Update] button on the spreadsheet that re-reads the CSV file when clicked.

Double-click the chart and you'll see, highlighted, the cells the chart is from.

If you don't see anything highlighted you can right-click on the chart and choose Data Ranges. You can just look at it, or change it and click OK.

To complete this task, you must do the following: In this task, you add programming code that creates the simple chart with a small amount of data and then adds data to the chart.

Manual adjustment is a pain in the neck, particularly as I am dealing with a large number of charts.

All the file-format settings you made earlier when importing the file will automatically be applied.

To do this, we first need a macro that updates the link.

;) I've used Aspose's tools in the past, also, but always ended back at the Open XML SDK and I found it was worth it once I got past the learning curve.

I am using large Excel 2002 spreadsheets - circa 50k rows.

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