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Royal Chef Selection also processes and packages Organic Beef, Lamb and Pork product for other wholesalers and on sellers.Based on its extensive experience, Royal Chef Selection serves a wide customer base.IS then separated the females into married and unmarried groups, Khalida said.Khalida explained that she and about 800 other unmarried Yazidi girls were bussed to IS' Syrian stronghold of Raqqa where they were to each be sold as sex slaves. "Women were bought for cash — as little as , or exchanged for things like mobile phones, or given away as gifts."When it came to the most beautiful of the Yazidi women, Khalida said that they were taken to a VIP room so IS leaders could take their time deciding which girls they wanted to buy and abuse as their personal sex toys."The most beautiful women were put into a special room," she explained.Police said the meatpackers had direct influence in the Agriculture Ministry so they could pick the inspectors who would visit their plants.Those inspectors would produce sanitary certificates regardless of the adulteration of the products, police said.On Saturday Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi said he would meet with ambassadors and representatives of the European meat industry on Monday after investigators said some of the meat was exported there.Authorities warned the case was a severe blow to the international image of Brazil's agribusiness sector, which officials have been counting on heavily for helping the country recover from its worst recession in decades.

Part of the money allegedly paid by meatpackers JBS and BRF was channelled to two major political parties, including that of President Michel Temer, police said after a two-year investigation.Investigator Mauricio Moscardi Grillo said at a news conference that the two meatpackers used chemicals to improve the appearance and smell of expired meats.He said at least one executive reported that rotten meat was mixed with healthy meat to be sold to consumers.Smithfield Market, a Grade II listed-covered market building, was designed by Victorian architect Sir Horace Jones in the second half of the 19th century, and is the dominant architectural feature of the area.In the Middle Ages, it was a broad grassy area known as Smooth Field, located beyond London Wall stretching to the eastern bank of the River Fleet.

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