Lauren alaina and paul mcdonald dating

No offense to Paul or Lauren, but how did they get so fortunate as to have these two as admirers? Can Paul and Lauren count on UR votes, Twi-Hards???

So what did she have to say, and how is she going to handle her new role-model status?

Oh, to be young, on television and surrounded by pretty people.

US Weekly has quite the interesting dating report on the “American Idol” contestants, which makes it seem like Season 10 of the hit show has turned into “The Real World: American Idol Mansion.” (Side-note: We would totally watch that.) The magazine is reporting that Paul Mc Donald isn’t team Edward or Jacob, but Team Rosalie.

Since when does Tay Tay and Nikki's schedules allow them time to watch?

Haley Reinhart Im Your baby Tonight (Whitney Houston) 3. Lauren Alaina Im The Only One (Melissa Etheridge) 7.

Casey Abrams Smells Like Teen Spirit (Kurt Cobain, Nirvana) 2. Karen Rodriguez Love Will Lead You Back (Taylor Dane) 6.

Thia Megia Smile (Michael Jackson/ Charlie Chaplin) 10. Paul Mc Donald I Guess Thats Why They Call it the Blues (Elton John) 9.

Naima Adedapo Whats Love Got to Do With It (Tina Turner) 8.

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