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Virginia is known for a lot of things – history, natural beauty and bless our hearts, lots of southern charm.But one of the best features of Virginia, in my humble opinion, is the abundance of small towns and communities throughout the state.Japan has hundreds of cities and over one thousand smaller towns to explore.If cities have most of the country's major attractions, towns are the best places to find ryokan, onsen, beaches and nature.A mountain resort 140 km, or 85 miles, north of Tokyo that's known for its mountainous landscapes and hot springs.Nikko is an ancient town that's filled with temples and shrines.

But what sets it apart is the feeling of community and camaraderie you get when you’re there.When you are driving through the state of Maryland, the atmosphere can change on a dime.You can pass through rolling country hills, small Main St gems, huge cityscapes, and waterfront promenades while barely adding to the odometer.The city has been ravaged by battle, earthquakes, tsunami, fire and devastating typhoons that left it a smaller town.Its history left behind temples that are amongst Japan's most popular attractions.

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