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” And, of course, the concise but far-reaching: “Why?

I don’t claim to speak from every student’s perspective, but I will try to answer why, from my experience, women’s colleges are viable institutions.

And I’ll also be honest about the things I don’t always love about my women’s college experience.

Statistically speaking, attending a women’s college is like rigging the achievement lottery.

Although only 2% of all women who graduate from college in the United States graduate from a women’s college, over 20% of the women in congress and over 30% of the female CEOs running Fortune 500 companies graduated from a women’s college. (In fact, I believe “that’s nuts” is the official analytical response to the phenomenon.) Women’s colleges also provide unparalleled resources.

Here at Barnard, we have a nationally ranked Office of Career Development that provides more internships than students; a 7:1 student to faculty ratio; lecture series and leadership labs geared specifically toward women; and over 60% of our faculty is female (compared to a national average in the mid-thirties ).

Take some time to think this question through please: Sometimes we act in ways that are against what we really want to achieve simply because we lack the courage of our convictions, or the creativity to see solutions that haven’t been handed to us on a platter.

Among the beer bongs and the ice cream eating, I fell in love (well, what I thought was love) with a girl between my sophomore and junior year of college. You may be reading this article as a long-time college graduate, recent college graduate or as someone currently finishing up your college education. But for me, my long-term college relationship didn't have the fairytale ending, and that's okay.

They're indoctrinated into the cult of extracurricular activities in middle and high school, and the involvement obsession continues throughout college almost as if by inertia.

"It's 'I'm secretary of this' and 'I'm director of that,'" she said.

"And even they admit that a lot of it is kind of bogus."Rachel Greenwald, an author and dating coach, thinks it's because most college "relationships" now occur within the context of a brief sexual encounter, or "hookup," as the youth say.

"Romance," she said, "has gone the way of cursive handwriting." A recent study by the American Psychological Association found that between 60 and 80 percent of North American college students have had a hookup, even though 63 percent of college men and 83 percent of college women said they would prefer a traditional relationship."In gearing themselves up for sex, they're draining themselves emotionally," Greenwald said. discard, to ignore, to swallow their emotions so they can participate in the anxiety-provoking but common dynamic which is the hookup culture."Lori Gottlieb, an Atlantic contributor, author, and psychologist, thinks it's because Millennials have been so coddled by their parents and teachers that they are now unable to accept others' opinions and realities.

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If you had the opportunity to attend a university after graduating from high school, then you understand the infinite independence that encompasses the college experience. You take a beer bong with one of your teaching assistants. The one experience some of you may find or have found while in college is love.

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