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Brands must find a way to navigate contradictory consumer views on the usage of data and targeted advertising according to a M&M Global study partnered with Toluna for a survey of 1,502 internet users across the US, UK and China. Toluna conducted a quick study* using Toluna Quick Survey to better understand how the candidates’ presidential campaigns affect the property and legal sectors of U. Young women still face significant obstacles in their careers, despite recent high-profile efforts to push for diversity and equality in the workplace, according to a Toluna survey by 1,000 Dreams Fund and After surveying a total of 1,000 individuals between the ages of 18 and 55 in U. with Toluna Quick Surveys, a study from Madame Noire found that guests in the wedding could be as stressful as the bride and groom to be.

We ran a quick global poll to better understand how people use cameras, and smart phones for photos.

Anything Ghost is a podcast (audio show) where the host, Lex Wahl, shares listener submitted personal paranormal experiences (ghost stories).

Lex then adds his original background music and effects to enhance to the creepiness of the listening experience.

Start listening now by clicking/tapping on the Listen to the Show link at the top of the page.

…and if you find yourself wanting more than the 10 shows that are available for free, look into joining the V.

He also adds his original music and effects to enhance the experience.Plus other features such as an early release of each new episode of Anything Ghost.©Anything Ghost 2006-2016. No content of Anything Ghost, Anything Ghost Podcast, Anything Ghost Show, Anything Ghost Radio, Minute-Cast, VIP Ghroup, V. All Anything Ghost material remains the property of Lex Wahl and is intended for private use only and may not be displayed in any way publicly without written approval of Lex Wahl of Anything Ghost.Anything Ghost takes no responsibility for damages incurred by material submitted.The responses below are global unless otherwise stated. Toluna asked 3000 members in Australia, Italy, Singapore, Spain and United Kingdom which technology, Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), will be the future of gaming industry. Small businesses need better online presence to succeed with customers.Toluna recently asked 700 Internet-representative respondents in the US using Toluna Quick Surveys™ real-time survey and analytics platform. With fashion becoming ever so important amongst the general population, Toluna ran a live Quick Survey about online fashion shopping during the IMRG Fashion Connect Conference on 11th February 2016. People are using their smartphones more and more often, and a love hate relationship is developing into addiction and behaviour changes.

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Ghroup,,, can be reproduced in any way without written consent from Anything Ghost.

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