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If you are looking for love, a fitness-based date is more original than a movie and more fun than a cup of coffee – not to mention the built-in entertainment and natural conversation opportunities that come along with it. You'll find the basic information requested on any online dating service, like age preferences, physical attributes, and lifestyle habits.

Plus, you can always hit the juice bar (or cocktail bar) afterward for a more relaxed and conversational setting after you've broken the ice during your workout..

“The big plus for a paddleboard date is that the cell phones have to stay in the car." And while you may want to wear your swimsuit under your shorts and tee just in case, balancing is easier than you think and you likely won't take a dip—unless you want to.

You'll also really work your core and burn about 400 calories an hour.

The fitness perks here—core strength, coordination, agility, cardiovascular endurance—are only to boot.

The real advantage to facing a wall or rock is the support and encouragement you give each during your date, Dr.

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