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At the center of the controversy is a proposal by the Hurst family, owner of the popular Oregon Dairy complex, to build a 75-acre housing and retail development on property it owns not far from a busy highway in growing Manheim Township, outside Lancaster City.

The plan suffered a setback last week, when township commissioners cast a vote against the development, which is in an early stage of the approval process.

This flies in the face of the plan to develop “energy efficient movement/transportation” that the city government promised in its environmental plan.It is indeed heartening to read of another attempt to stall commercial development which would take away forever prime farmland within and around our city.Let’s get out and support this generous gesture and help to preserve what little remains of local agricultural land.But conservation activists say the future of land preservation in Lancasater and Chester Counties and all over Pennsylvania hinges on the fate of a patch of Lancaster County farmland that is less than a third of an acre.So-called sliver taking is a process in which small parcels of farms are seized by eminent domain to accommodate road projects.

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