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Since correct dates for the Exodus and Conquest are crucial in the investigation for locating Bethel and Ai, we consider the dating discussion to be a critical part of this research.One frequently reads that archaeological evidence contradicts the Bible, especially the Exodus and Conquest accounts.

He favors the Hyksos Expulsion as being behind the Exodus traditions, and notes this was the common understanding of the Early Christian period. the following url: Another reccomended article is by David Goldstein (published 24 July 2006) titled "Of Pharaohs and Dates: Critical Remarks on the Dating and Historicity of the Exodus From Egypt." He calculates an Exodus as occurring circa 1447 or 1528 BCE (the latter of which by _my calculations_ falls in the reign of Pharaoh Ahmose I who expelled the Hyksos). E.=Before the Common Era, an alternate scholarly designation for B. Jacobovici was apparently aware that some scholars dated the Exodus to circa 1446 BCE on the basis of 1 Kings 6:1 chronology.God's Accounting System for Time is self-auditing; I've found and fixed several accounting errors scholars make, due to its self-auditing feature.So more on the Exodus-related dates is thus in Mirroring.htm, for ALL dates in Bible are related to the Exodus, both before and after it; the underlying 1050 'houses' of Time Accounting and their many subcomponents are also explained in James Hoffmeier ended an article in Levant dealing with Egypt supposedly bringing the MB period to a close with this, The Egyptian textual evidence simply does not account for the widespread destruction of MB IIC Palestine.If southern Canaan was the epicenter of Egyptian military activity, as traditionally understood, we are at a loss to explain why there is no literary evidence to support this conclusion (Hoffmeier 1989: 190).

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