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He was known as Boss of all Bosses from 1957 to 1959 when he ruled the most powerful criminal organization in the country and maintained influence over others.

Along with longtime associate Charles Luciano, he is deemed responsible for expanding the heroin trade to an international level.

The show was mostly filmed in and around West Chester, Pennsylvania and also visited Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Mexico, Brazil and Europe.

Bam and his friends also went to Spring Break in 2006 for "Viva La Spring Break".

He would later lead Luciano's crime family for 12 years, which was renamed the Genovese crime family.

The cast includes Ryan Dunn, Brandon Di Camillo, Raab Himself, Brandon Novak, Tim Glomb, and Rake Yohn.

The show also starred Margera's parents Phil and April and his uncle Don Vito.

Bam wants to see if Phil, who is obese, can go without food for twenty four hours.

Bam tells his family and friends "Don't Feed Phil," puts up flyers and billboards saying the same around town, and has everyone take turns watching him.

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