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It turns out there are some very good, very sexy reasons why a confident, driven alpha male could be worth your dating while. Not to fear: a true alpha male is so secure in his manhood, he's comfortable taking turns and letting his lady lead.

There would be too much testosterone, too much masculine energy out there. The thing is, humans crave what they fear the most.

The sexy series called Fifth Avenue for example is all about men who are alpha-male strong falling for female characters who are formidable forces in their own right (and the men wouldn’t have them any other way).

So, if you've had it with passive, emo guys, here are five very good reasons to date an alpha male instead: 1. Alpha males, of both the human and animal variety, are not quick to avert their eye gaze as "beta" or other less dominant males are wont to do.

It has the potential to revolutionize your dating life, change the way you look at relationships and transform yourself into a man who can effortlessly get a girlfriend.

Now, without further ado, here are five examples on how an alpha male behaves in relationships (and you should too): Has an abundance mentality.

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First and foremost, the alpha keeps an abundance mentality even when he starts a relationship – a huge difference between him and an average guy.

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