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I was wondering how to tabulate large amount of information gathered through surveys.

Where I work customers are constantly handed survey sheets in order for us to measure how the service -among other things- is being perceived.

I know there’s an easy version with VBA; problem is that I am a total ignorant in that area. But more than these ideas, I am interested to know how YOU solve this problem. Since I have very little experience in the area of consolidating data from multiple sheets in to one, I couldn’t give her any real advise. At, I have one goal, "to make you awesome in excel and charting".

This blog is started in 2007 and today has 450 articles and tutorials on using excel, making better charts.

The row of data I want to copy from each workbook is located in the same area on a similar named sheet (i.e Sheet3), and I was hoping if there was a macro that I could run to copy the row from each workbook and paste it into the master workbook in the next blank row.

Close Save Changes:= xls Files = Active Workbook r = ws Master.

Step 2: Start a new query in SQL View Step 3: In SQL View, start typing Select statements for all the linked Excel tables, using the Union operator between each select statement. The result will be a single dataset containing the combined data from all the linked files.

The worksheets can be in the same workbook as the master worksheet or in other workbooks.

Boy meets 25 Admins who send him a spreadsheet every week. The good news is that you can just scour the internet, and you’ll probably find dozens of techniques for combining multiple Excel files together.

Combining multiple Excel worksheets into one data table is such a common task, I would bet a pound of bacon that most of us have been through that ordeal once or twice.

To learn more about Templates, see: Create a template.

This is also an ideal time to set up your template with Excel tables.

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Now, to put all that info into a spreadsheet (plus charts) can be really tedious.

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