Carbon dating biogenic sediments

(super 14) C ages of chemically pre-oxidized opal showed a significant amount of modern carbon contamination, from 11 to 32%, indicating adsorption from the atmosphere of modern carbon onto opal surfaces that were previously cleaned by acid oxidation.

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Here we present a systematic study of inorganic C ages of two lake-sediment sequences, one from a small-enclosed saline lake – Lake Gahai in Qaidam Basin, and the other from a large freshwater lake – Lake Bosten in Xinjiang.

Modern dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) of the lakes, paleo-lake sediments exposed in the catchment, and mollusk shells in core sediments from Lake Gahai were dated to assess the RE and the contribution of pre-aged carbon to the old ages in the cores.

We established the RE of the authigenic component and assessed detrital old carbon contributions to our two sites, and this was used to correct the O record.

We explored the reliability of radiocarbon ages obtained on organic carbon phases in opal-rich Southern Ocean sediments.

However, the reservoir effect (RE), as well as old carbon contributed from the lakes catchment make it difficult to establish reliable chronologies.

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Paired biogenic carbonate and total organic carbon (TOC) (super 14) C analyses for three Southern Ocean cores showed that the TOC ages were systematically younger than the carbonate ages.

Carbonate ages were consistent with oxygen isotopic and bio-stratigraphy, indicating error in TOC ages that could be explained by 5-24% of modern carbon contamination of TOC samples.

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