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So Beth thinks that maybe she'll move to Australia on Christmas Eve with her mum (Pat Garrett) after all.The plot takes a few unexpected twists while remaining resolutely within the rom-com formula, which makes everything thoroughly predictable from the start.Not wanting the soft-on-supernaturals lieutenant governor to run Louisiana, Sarah convinces a senator to delay announcing Truman’s murder until a poisoned supply of Tru Blood is consumed by the undead.Then Sarah takes charge “of all matters vampire.”Her first dirty deed is exacting revenge on former lover Jason (Ryan Kwanten) for having an affair with redheaded vamp Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll).Available to buy from the Triangl website for 59.72, you can make this summery two piece yours with a click to the right.If you fancy having a window shop before purchasing, then check out our top alternatives in the edit below from the likes of South Beach to Rip Curl.

Based on a novel by Cally Taylor, this British romantic comedy is so simplistic that it offers very little to anyone who doesn't buy into the trite movie formula.With unlikeable characters and a stilted pace, the film will only appeal to audience members who have an unrealistic view of romance as something from a Hugh Grant movie.While it makes some telling observations along the way, it's simply too belaboured to properly spark any sympathy.Though this decision proved unpopular with fans of the series, it is said on a BBC Nottingham page that she left the show to pursue 'other opportunities'.It has been rumored that she wanted to leave the show to further her career in Hollywood.

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